Sola Fidé (So-La Fee-Day) Tattoo Society

Professional Tattoo Artist – Ben M.

**All tattoos posted on this blog with the SF Tattoo Society logo are done by Ben M.**

• 6 Years of tattooing
• Fully custom tattoos and commissioned art
• Private studio for one on one tattooing
• Friendly service
• High quality work
• Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

• At this time, SF Tattoo Society is committed to offering only the best quality tattooing to dedicated clientele. Although, we would love to take on every tattoo project that comes to us, due to the nature of custom tattoo work, SF Tattoo Society will be accepting select projects that fit our goals. The selection is based on style, size, detail, and overall portfolio advancement.
Thanks to all of those who have continued to support good tattooing over the years.
We look forward to many great tattoos to come.
• For appointment inquiries please contact:

•Please Include:
Personal Info – Name, Contact Info
Tattoo Idea, Size, General Placement, Preferred Style, Attached Reference Photos

4 thoughts on “Sola Fidé (So-La Fee-Day) Tattoo Society

  1. Jake Levesque says:

    Looking for a detailed canoe with a detailed paddle beside it with the words “up river you’ll find the depth of your soul” surrounding it, all in black and grey on my inner forearm approx 4″x9″. Estimate price?

    Thank You


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